Answers To Your Questions About StainhandleR
Zinc Strips – The Maintenance-Free Roof Protector.

How do the Zinc Strips Work?
When rain water comes in contact with StainhandleR Zinc Strips, small amounts of harmless zinc oxide are released. This invisible zinc oxide prevents the growth of vegetation.

Will one row of StainhandleR protect my roof?
In most cases, one row at or the top row of shingles will be sufficient to inhibit the growth of fungus, moss or algae, On roof slopes longer than 20′, or roofs with a severe or persistent problem, install a second row halfway down the roof. Hip, mansard and barn roofs usually require extra strips. See roof illustrations.

Will StainhandleR Zinc Strips eliminate an existing algae, fungus, or moss problem?
No, you need to remove the stains first with Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner. See Roof & Deck Cleaner FAQ’s.

What if I prefer to nail the zinc strips?
If you prefer to nail them, please go to www.shingleshield.com for a nail-in product.

Will StainhandleR stay shiny?
No. StainhandleR will quickly weather to a pewter gray. In addition, since only 2″ of it are exposed it is difficult to see from the ground. The alternative is an unsightly, badly stained roof.

Is StainhandleR available in colors?
No. If we were to apply color to StainhandleR it would be unable to release zinc oxide – the active ingredient that protects your roof.
Will StainhandleR harm my plants, animals, or children?
StainhandleR when used as directed is completely safe.
Zinc is an essential element of the human body. It can be found in vitamins, and as additive in breakfast cereals. It is the active ingredient in sunburn preventing cream.

How long will StainhandleR last?
The life depends on roof area, local rainfall, humidity, and other factors. On an average roof the strips should last up to 50 years.

Will StainhandleR stain my roof?
No. The zinc oxide it releases is microscopic and absorbed by the shingles.